Development of TKKS Fiber Enumerator Machine Hammer Mill System

Junaidi , - and Maimuzar, - and Adriansyah, - and Alfian, - (2017) Development of TKKS Fiber Enumerator Machine Hammer Mill System. International Conference of Applied Science on Engineering, Business, Linguistics and Information Technology . pp. 284-289. ISSN 2598-2532



Oil palm empty bunches (TKKS) are solid waste from oil palm plantation industry with fiber content of ± 70%, and can be used as a booster composite board. From the result of previous research, the physical and mechanical properties of composite board from TKKS fiber of mechanical defiberation that fulfill SNI standard is long fiber at 900 RPM and fiber round 600 RPM. Nevertheless, each board between the left, middle and right sides there are very large differences in properties, especially the flexural strength and compressive strength of the fiber. This is due to the uneven distribution of adhesives, so that some parts of the board are too much adhesive and the rest are few. This situation occurs because the fiber length of defiberation used is not the same, the fiber used varies between 3-10 cm long. Long fibers in addition to the adhesive mixing process are very difficult and long, also resulting in uneven board strength on each side. To improve the efficiency of the adhesive mixing process with the fibers and the uniform spread of adhesive on all sides of the board it is necessary to use uniform short fibers (length 1 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm or 4 cm), the solution is the use of a fiber counter machine to obtain a short fiber and uniform. This research is aimed to design / design and model the TKKS fiber system of Hammer Mill system to obtain short fibers of uniform size. Engine design results obtained engine capacity of ± 150 kg / hour, 2.5 HP drive power, 3 cm diameter shaft shaft with a length of 40 cm. The machine consists of the channel unit that is the inlet and outlet, the counter unit, the body unit and the driving unit. The enumerator unit consists of a chopping blade attached to 4 rods of a chopping knife holder, knife holder pin, knife divider plate and chopping shaft. Body unit consists of top cover, bottom cover and strainer. The drive unit consists of the driving force, the belt and the pulley. On the rod of cradle holder mounted 3 knives with a length of 8 cm x 5 cm wide x 0.4 cm thick with a blade angle 450. Position of a single blade attached at the top of the rod holder with 450 angle and two side left and right side. The measuring rod of the measuring chest is 8cm wide x 5cm x 13cm long, retaining pin with Ø 1.5cm, knife plate Ø 30cm, and shaft count Ø 3cm by 40cm long. From the results of testing the performance of the engine on the diameter of the filter hole 1 cm obtained a well spinning machine, the enumerator unit to cut the TKKS fiber continuously without choking. The clipped fibers come out of the filter and continue into the funnel out continuously according to the ingredients. Obtain engine capacity ± 80 kg / hour, uniformity of TKKS fiber for fiber length <15 mm ie 8%, fiber length 15-25 mm ± 75% and fiber size> 25 mm ie 10%.

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