Hubungan Antara Besar Butir Dengan Kekuatan Dan Kekerasan Pada Logam Alumunium

-, Zullardie (2004) Hubungan Antara Besar Butir Dengan Kekuatan Dan Kekerasan Pada Logam Alumunium. Jurnal R & B, 4 (1). pp. 29-38. ISSN 1412-5080


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Technology advance in 20th century is mostly supported by the advance of science which develops very rapidly one of them is metal science. Untilo today, the study on metals including materials, properties and their uses- still get big proportion to be analized. About this, Mehl in i957 said: ln many ways, the banier to progress plane flying faster than much one is not the sound barrier but the real barrier is that of material. ln this case, what Mehl said about material is its characteristic or properties. Dealing with this, J Gueron and A Ruart said that: "Every substance or material is no more than a collection of properties. Materials science is a body of knowledge which deals with the relation between composition and structure on one hand and properties on the other. One of the important characteristic or properties of metal is its mechanical properties. Here, one of the aims of the research is to find the relations between metal structures and their mechanical properties Strength ls one of the main mechanical properties of metal in which lt is influence by microstructures of metal, namely materials. Though the research, the writer will also try to find out the relation between the strength of the metal and the materials.

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