Pengelolaan Lahan Rawa Berwawasan Lingkungan

Hanwar, Suhendrik and Aguskamar , Aguskamar (2004) Pengelolaan Lahan Rawa Berwawasan Lingkungan. Jurnal R & B, 4 (1). pp. 1-7. ISSN 1412-5080


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Peat most soil is a type of soil that has high composition of organic materials. The thickness of this soil is about 40 cm. This soil is made of organic materials that have been composed in anaerob condition. ln this condition, the acceleration of organic materials formation is faster than the formation of its decomposition. The classification of soil (soil taxonomy and FAOUNESCO) identifies this soil as Hisfosol. lt may be defined as the soil that consists of 20 % - 30% organic composition, (12%- 18% organic carbon) and its thickness may be more than 40 cm or it is more than 80 cm from the outer layer of soil profile. Utilizing this soil for agricultural purpose can be identified as the best option, especially for food plintration. However, this plantation must be based on long-lasting and natural environmental orientation. lt means the plantatibn should be utilized for everlasting purpose by decreasing the acceleration of decomposing process. For that reason, rice wet field is the best alternative to be applied in this soil since the water flooded condition and the quality of water in each field partition can decrease reduction process of peat most composition. Moreover, they may also avoid water pollution since there will be no dissolved material that can flow out from this partition. The utilization of histosol with long-lasting and natural environmental orientiation concept requires good lay out for partition construction. lt must be concerned with following features such as potential value of that soil, suitabilig of thai soil and reliable technology which will be applied in that soil.

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