Perbandingan Peran Agen Pembaru Ovop Produk Unggulan Jenis Buah

Adona, Fitri (2001) Perbandingan Peran Agen Pembaru Ovop Produk Unggulan Jenis Buah. jurnal R & B, 1 (2). pp. 53-60.


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Changed agent is professional cfficial which influes the innovation decision of claen to the direction in which is wanted by changed intitution. The are employees who work to support to plan and do social changing. They have a function as what eats what that gives a contact among a social system which support the changing og their main chage as_catalisator, gives the problern solving , helping in changing process and the sources of connections who are needed to solve the which is paced by claen in the changing case. The purpose if this research is to get general picturing about prosesing how to in form the main of innovations product(OVOP) in west sumatera, to know the actor of change agent in introduction and the persuation of innovation OVOP in regence(nagari)of alahan panjang , salimpauang, jambak, and kamang hilia to know why the actor of change agent is different or same to know the consequences of innovation OVOP in the four nagari or in west sematera generally. Based on diffusion innovation theory was indicated the theories about changing to all regencies(countries)which became the research object whose result can be generalized even through the theory must be examined the reflical discover at the environment of the second the third and the fourth which clarificated that the same result must be come: the result of innovation OVOP in west sumatera (alahan panjang, salimpauang, jambak, and kamang hilia) was state by quality of its change agent. Investigating the proposition is used causal comparative method of difference and method of agreement to explain the four reqruences to get the sort of main fresh fruit product of change agent. The data were collected from 20 persons of change agent, 100 sampling thecnique(quota sampling). That’s way was adopted because the nagari which become this research object, the limit and its populations were not clear. By this case study analize had been reached the result. The difference of factors which influence the decision to adopted the innovation was the difference of the actor of the change agent. For the moment the persuer factors were the trueless of communications and the tiedless in corporation that were needed before and as ling as the adoption prosess. Descriptive statistic to the answer o frespondent adopter and non adopters streng then the result of the case study.

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