Kontribusi Motivasi Kerja dan Persepsi tentang sistem Penghargaan terhadap Prestasi Kerja Negeri Padang

Dapersal, Darman (2009) Kontribusi Motivasi Kerja dan Persepsi tentang sistem Penghargaan terhadap Prestasi Kerja Negeri Padang. JURNAL AKUNTANSI & MANAJEMEN, 4 (2). pp. 79-92. ISSN 1858-3687


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This research is based on real phenomena which can indicate working achievement of employees in Polytechnic State of Padang in conducting daily activities is still low. This low working achievement can be caused by many factors, however, indicated phenomena shows some possible factors, two of them can be seen as low motivation of employees and inappropriate rewarding system applied in this institution. This research aims to figure how much proportional contribution of some variable points of working motivation and perception of employees toward rewarding system for employees' working achievemeni appiieo in Polytechnic State of Padang. The contreibution can be in the form of individuai 'working achievement and collective working achievement.There were three hypothesizes that had beei applied in this research, they were 1) working motivation that provided contribution to employees' working achievement; 2) rewarding system which provided contribution to employees' working achievement; and 3) motivation and rewarding system on collective achievement that had positive correlation with employees' working achievement. This research applied. quantitative by establishing working motivation (X1) and employees' perception toward rewarding system (X2) as free variable and employees'working achievement as fixed variable. Research population of this research could be seen as employees of Polytechnic State of Padang which consisted of 72 staffs and sample of tehe research consisted of 41 people which were chosen from population by appliying stratified proportional random sampling. Data collection was conducted by distribution of Likerr scale modeled questioners on three variables, i. e. working motivation, employees' perception on rewarding system and employees, working achievement. These three instruments whice were used for dita collection had been testified foi their validity and realibility. Data analysis used to testify the hypothesis was conducted by appliying analysis correlation lechnique and simple and d6uble regression methods.Findings ot hypothesis show that these three hypothesizes which had been froposed can be significinly accepted. The biggest contribution to employees' working achievement was found on employees' perception toward rewarding system which indicates 19,9 %. Two other free variables together provided significant contribution toward employees; working achievement with 29,37% proportion. Meanwhile the rest 70,7 % was caused other factors whice were not observed in this research.

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