Pemanfaatan Lahan Dan Potensi Banjir Di Perkotaan. (Land Use And Flood Likelihood In Urban Area)

-, Sadtim (2011) Pemanfaatan Lahan Dan Potensi Banjir Di Perkotaan. (Land Use And Flood Likelihood In Urban Area). POLI REKAYASA, 7 (1). pp. 39-45. ISSN 1858-3709


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The land use devoted to the community activities is increasing in line with the increasing number of population in many cities. It is usually by changing the available open spaces such as forests, agricultural, and swamp areas. Consequently, it would lead to the increasing size of the areas likely experiencing water flooding since the amount of open spaces decrease. Based on this condition, it is necessary to assess the likely impacts of this phenomenon toward the flooding distribution in urban areas, by identifying the land use pattern and intensity, followed by analyzing the development of the flooding distribution and intensity, as well as investigating the relationship between land use development and flood distribution. A study was conducted and it is found that the flooding affected area in several urban areas is increasing annually. It is identified that the flooding area was contributed by the decreasing capacity of land in absorbing and receiving rain water due to shift in the land use, leading to increasing amount of surface water. Generally, the flood occurred in an urban area was caused by high sedimentation and erosion in the downstream of the flood affected area. The flood was also occurred in the area of low altitude where the possibility of flood to occur is high. Poor condition of urban drainage due to sedimentation as well as water flow blocked by rubbish is also suspected as one of the reason behind the increasing area affected by water flood.

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