Pengaruh Pengempaan Terhadap Kuat Lentur Balok Laminasi Bambu Petung.

-, Agus and Suzanna, Ayu Kurnia (2011) Pengaruh Pengempaan Terhadap Kuat Lentur Balok Laminasi Bambu Petung. POLI REKAYASA, 6 (2). 89-94. ISSN 1858-3709


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We have the availability of wood as a construction material very limited. One of the construction materials that are not yet optimized use of bamboo. Bamboo has a tensile strength is high enough, despite its shortcomings for use as construction material optimally. Weaknesses bamboo one overcomes by the technique of laminated bamboo. For this research was conducted to determine the effect of the strong compression bending beam petung laminated bamboo (Dendrocalamus sp). In this study the vertical laminated beams made from bamboo petung size, beam width 35 mm, 80 mm high beam, and beam 105 mm long with a stretch of 90 mm length and 7 mm thick laminates. Total vertical laminated test block is 8 blocks, made four variations of compression force is 0.5 Mpa, 1 Mpa, 1.5 Mpa and 2 Mpa. Configuration testing is a four-point bending with a static load at a third distance stretch. Physical properties test results show the value of bamboo petung 19.40% moisture content and density value of 0.495 t/m3. Mechanical properties test results for a strong press and parallel fibers, modulus of Repture (MOR), modulus of elasticity (MOE), respectively: 31.20 Mpa, 10, 33 Mpa, 3.04 Mpa, 136.46 Mpa, 75 Mpa, Mpa 10,198.98. Test result vertically laminated bamboo blocks MOR obtained for each level of compression, repectively for 14.59 Mpa, 17.61 Mpa, 18.53 Mpa, and 19.30 Mpa. The maximum compression value is 2 Mpa With a maximum load average of 4687.3 N.

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