Analisis Percobaan Gesekan (Friction) untuk Pengembangan Teknologi Pengereman pada Kendaraan Bermotor

-, Rusmardi (2008) Analisis Percobaan Gesekan (Friction) untuk Pengembangan Teknologi Pengereman pada Kendaraan Bermotor. POLI REKAYASA, 3 (2). pp. 81-89. ISSN 1858-3709


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This research was conducted with analyzing the result of attempt friction static (μs) by 4 kinds of test materials (specimen), that is: steel, alumunium, ferodo and brass. Test place rub is plate become militant standard able to distel with Techquipment Hi brand - Tech HFN 1. Friction can be useful to press brake (to slowing down or discontinuing a wheel rotation). At technology “automotive" needed by a system braking of wheel efficiently and effectively. At this research to analyze data used by some close-knit formula with friction, that is : coefficient of friction formula (μ), style fiddle static (fs), kinetic friction (fk), ferodo (brake lining) liming woven, made from fiberglass matting, asbestos, cotton, smooth brass strand of metal, zinc or bauxite. From result of research obtained by information hence using liming woven type ferodo (brake lining) as more effective and efficient brake canvas. But brake lining constructions have to be reckoned pursuant to correct design utilize. Is for that needed by furthermore research, special regarding design put on the brakes at motor vehicle.

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