Pencampuran Tanah Lempung Dengan Abu Sekam Padi (ASP) Untuk Bahan Anti Kedap Air Bendungan Urugan

Hanwar, Suhendrik and Aguskamar, Aguskamar (2002) Pencampuran Tanah Lempung Dengan Abu Sekam Padi (ASP) Untuk Bahan Anti Kedap Air Bendungan Urugan. Jurnal R & B, 2 (1). pp. 1-8. ISSN 1412-5080


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Clay is one type of soil which has some characteristics such as capability in absorbing water molecule, sensitivity to the cange of water content and low supporting power. Water content and great change of volume which are due to shrinking and expanding process really influence the clay cohesion. Therefore , if clay is used as the water resisting core, damage and crack are usually found in the water resisting cor of a dam. It is mainly caused by the clay has shrinking and expanding process and decreasing level of soil supporting power. In this research, physical and mechanism feature of clay mixtural with rice hull ashes (RHA) that can be used for water resisting core as the alternative material for stabilizing clay. Percentage of added RHA consists of 0%, 3%, 6%, 9%, 12% and 15% in weight of dry clay. In order to know the physical and mechanism feature of clay mixture with RHA substance, it is really necessary to conduct spesific gravity test, grain size analysis of soil, atterberg, compacting and permeability analysis. With the addition of RHA substance, the value of soil consistency level can be in creased and flexible index can be decreased. The common coefficient permeability soil is 4,51×〖10〗^(-7) cm/det and coeficient permeability can be increased into〖 2,95×10〗^(-6) in every 15 % of RHA addition.

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